I am so fortunate to be both a professional photographer as well as painter. From a very young age I have enjoyed dabbling in both brushwork and camera art. Normally these two mediums are perceived as entirely independent disciplines.  My unique training has given me a creative bridge between these two highly specialized fields. As a painter my approach is by additive to the canvas. In photography I use my painterly eye to compose a shoot. Over the years I have painstakingly studied many master painters and have skillfully reverse engineered their amazing works. Analyzing light, perspective and color anatomy are all part of this careful process. 
  Today when I shoot photography, there's an unconscious creative crossover between the two disciplines that happens naturally. From time to time a painter needs to wait for paint to dry before proceeding. This affords a welcome break and breathing room for more creative thoughts to flow. I apply these same concepts to photography by patiently studying each scene. It's very easy in today’s digital world to record images rapidly and without thought.
  Most traditionally trained photographers have certain preconceived notions about what makes for a good photograph. My artistic eye looks deep into the history of painting. This simply means that inherently I have a more broad and complex approach to composition then most photographers. I'm lucky to have a unique understanding of the relationship between planes, shapes and light. While I'm not able to readily change reality in my photographs as is the case with paintings, I do capture a much more dynamic and interesting composition overall because of my crossover training.

Painter statement
  Since before I could walk, I've felt a natural attraction to art. Painting is a way for me to evoke my feelings and create imagery that rides the line between the real and the surreal. Until the moment the paint hits the canvas, I never know where each journey is going to take me. My mood suggests a color, that color propels me toward an intricately crafted piece that pushes and pulls the viewer in directions they could have never imagined. I am interested in the faces and figures, and the unique perspectives contained within. Each piece is rendered strong with dynamic colors and patterns. I scour through old magazines and vintage photographs looking for inspiration. Sometimes images appear in my mind completely organically. Through my perspective and composition, I intend to let you see the world as you did when you were a child. Join me as we recapture the magic and bewilderment of our youth.
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